A Sympathetic Ear

In these days of frenetic life-style, work pressures, constant bombardment from media sources as well as tensions around the world, it is not surprising that many people suffer from complicated issues of emotional and physical stress leading to ill-health mentally and physically.

Always, a relaxed and unhurried approach to clients is required with any form of counselling. Secondly, but of equal importance, is the skill and experience of the practitioner to assist with all the emotions that counselling inevitable stirs.

The sense of relief and release can have all kinds of positive effects on the client’s physical and psychological being leading to a more positive approach to dealing with those stressful elements of life.

General counselling

Many patients discover that through the gentle process of history taking and discussing their complaints and symptoms, a sympathetic, practised and unhurried homoeopathist such as Kathryn will encourage clients to discuss their deeper emotional issues. These can be discussed superficially or using the techniques below by delving deeper into past experiences or even past lives and these can produce miraculous results to move towards well-being.


After a detailed discussion regarding what issues the client has, as a practised and experienced therapist Kathryn will guide you back through life’s experiences revealing known and subconscious life events and emotions. Once uncovered these difficulties from the past can be discussed and managed with Kathryn’s expert support. It can be a very emotional time and requires the skill of someone who understands the process and has many years of helping clients. It can assist clients towards a journey of forgiveness and healing.

Past life regression

This is a recognised branch of hypnotherapy and grown to such an extent over the last 50 years that it has become an important addition to the healing arts. Kathryn will steer you into a light trance and guide you through any past life experiences. It can be a multi-sensory experience and will evoke many emotions as well as sights, sounds and even smells.

Alarming as this sounds, with Kathryn’s help these feelings will be transitory but the effect will be lasting. It is considered that these past experiences can form a pattern which are repeated in our current lives. By understanding these effects, the client can then make decisions about which patterns help or which hinder them. Elements that have helped Kathryn’s clients have been to release fears and past life traumas and encourage utilizing creative gifts or talents.


I visited Kathryn many years ago for help with debilitating allergies (when I was a child). The homoeopathic remedies prescribed, allowed me to enjoy my childhood around horses, and to continue until this present day (and beyond I’m sure) without issues. A few years ago, I decided to take a trip to Myanmar and knew I’d need travel inoculations. Once again I contacted Kathryn for assistance, I’ve now been to Myanmar twice and South Africa using solely homoeopathic remedies and could not recommend anything or anyone else. Kathryn makes sure you have everything you need for your travels and ensures your body balance and wellbeing is at optimum before you start.Danyelle Motley, Essex

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