The Wegamed System

Parents often say their children are below par with a variety of skin conditions, digestive disorders and food intolerances, constant colds and viral infections, and poor concentration amongst some of their complaints.

Here's what we can offer:

A monthly saturday clinic in Essex

In comfortable surroundings, both Kathryn and Avril welcome the parents and child to the clinic.

In an informal manner, questions are asked to get a background of any family or medical history that may be relevant and a history of current symptoms. We also, request the completion of a short questionnaire prior to visiting the clinic in preparation.

Wegamed Machine

Using the Wegamed* machine we can diagnose the key elements of the complaints. With our years of training and experience we are able to make up a specific prescription comprising tiny amounts from a huge range of substances.

Ongoing follow up consultations over a designated period of time where we will review the results.


I am an avid believer in homoeopathic living. I was born coeliac and have suffered from polycystic ovaries all my adult life. I wholeheartedly believe I wouldn’t have any children without homoeopathy. I was looking for a local therapist when I was blessed to find Kathryn. My eldest son was new born and I was determined to immunise him completely homoeopathically. I have never looked back; my children are now 7 and 4 neither has ever had an injection, they never have antibiotics as their immune systems are really good. Kathryn helped me regulate my erratic menstrual cycle, has helped me through two miscarriages, my second home birth, not to mention glue ear, chicken pox and other childhood ailments. My family and I are lucky and eternally grateful for her continued support.Nicola Freeman-Wright, Essex

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