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Introducing Kathryn Meader

Kathryn first became interested in Homoeopathy in the early 1980s after her daughter was cured of "almost constant" coughs and colds. In 1982 she embarked on a four year course of training, qualifying in 1986 as a Licentiate of the College of Homoeopaths, she then went on to become a member, hence the MCH qualification.

In 1987 also saw another of Kathryn’s field of interest bear fruit. In parallel with her studies in homoeopathy, Kathryn was studying Iridology. In that year she became a qualified Iridology practitioner.

Since 1986 Kathryn has been in the South East of England and has built up a wealth of clinical experience. Of her practice she says:

"Homoeopathy can be used to successfully treat many health problems. Whilst all cured case are rewarding I feel a particular satisfaction treating women during pregnancy. Not only is homoeopathy one of the few truly safe methods to be used during pregnancy, but I also feel it plays a part in educating new generations towards healthier living..."

Having moved to Saxmundham East Suffolk although still seeing some clients from Essex, she is keen to build up the practice again in this area. She works with Avril in a monthly clinic for children in Hadleigh on the Essex/Suffolk borders.

Kathryn Meader, MCH, MGNI, MFHT
Kathryn Meader MCH, MGNI, MFHT

Introducing Avril Brown

Avril works in her Hadleigh, Essex clinic. She qualified in 2005 after completing a four year course qualifying with a MARH in homoeopathy with Kathryn as her supervisor. Having trained with Kathryn, they now work together on a monthly basis in the Children’s Clinic.

Avril, adds: "To be a homeopath therapist is a privilege and an honour to be able to help those in need. It seeks to heal on many levels, emotionally, spiritually and physically."

"To work with homeopathic remedies touches all those who are searching for a natural healing remedy and this ethos is very important for me and in doing so gives me great pleasure."

Avril Brown
Avril BrownMARH


My son was a patient of Kathryn’s from 9 months to 15 year of age. I cannot express enough the help and kindness she gave him and the family during this time. She managed his conditions from anxiety, stress, self-esteem and anger problems all the way through childhood to adolescence with kindness and compassion. In fact, she helped the whole family. Her knowledge of treatments is exceptional and without them our son’s life would have been much harder and stressful. He is now nearly 21 years old and a very confident healthy young man. We are forever grateful.Sharon Newman

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